How to Gain Muscle Mass for Skinny People

How to Gain Muscle Mass for Skinny People

In the current generation, who does not want to look the best! Every second person is a gym addict. Both the things are difficult, either it is losing weight or gaining muscle mass. But what can’t be achieved if done in the right manner? There are people who are lean and working out all day and long to gain muscle mass. Such individuals take proteins and many other supplements but are not able to achieve the desired results. Working out and protein intake is a necessity to gain muscle mass but it only gives a positive output if done in the right manner and at the right time.

Nowadays having a bulky/heavy body is in trend. A number of skinny nerds are looking to pack on some muscle and size. This article covers “how to gain muscle mass for skinny people” to help you out.

Getting powerful and bigger is not just about a good personality. It’s also about the self-respect, confidence, and satisfaction you get from being able to achieve or do something today which was not possible yesterday. It’s not easy stuff, but not an impossible task to achieve too.

So here are some few tips that when followed properly could make gaining mass seem as easy as eating a cheat meal:

Workout Plan for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle Fast

To get a muscular body, weight training is one of the best options. Our body uses the food we eat to recover our muscles and build new ones. Lifting weight increases appetite and we tend to eat more.

By not lifting weight or if we don’t do it correctly, the excess food we eat is stored as fat. This happens to people who have a caloric surplus. They eat more calories than they burn to get a perfect muscular body. To increase your body weight naturally, we do have some basic rules for lifting.

Free Weights

These are better than machine as you need to balance your weight yourself. It’s safer as you can control how the bar moves. It is also better than dumbbells because the weight is heavier, you can add as little as 0.5kg/1lb per workout

Compound Exercise

Bends, Deadlifts, Rows, Press, and squats- these exercises trigger the maximum strength and muscles in the body. This exercise helps to build and grow several muscles in the body at the same time.

Progressive Overload

Try to increase weight after every set of exercise. Exposing to heavier weight every time forces the body to gain more strength and muscles mass. Lifting the same weight every time won’t have any gain or results.

Proper Form

For proper muscles development, work your muscles in a complete range of motion.


Proper rest is necessary for body and muscles to recover from workouts whether it is a workout for skinny guys at home or at the gym. Training daily with gazillion weight won’t help muscles to grow. It’s appropriate for a skinny nerd to workout 3 days a week. Efficient and proper workout with a caloric surplus will help in gaining weight.

Meal Plan for Skinny Guys Bulking Up

Workout Plan for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle Fast

Biggest Meal

Although it is important to have all the meals big, breakfast should be the biggest meal. Start eating more than your normal diet and start loving egg whites. You must know that protein is the main ingredient to contribute towards your muscle mass as it breaks amino acids and help in gaining mass.

Some of the Foods That Are Rich in Protein Are

Oats, seafood, eggs, cottage cheese and many more. With eating the right amount of protein and carbohydrates, achieving muscle mass could seem easier.

Be a Caloric Surplus

Being a caloric surplus definitely is the right way to achieve muscle mass as eating more calories than your body burns is something which adds a lot to your progress.

Eat Frequently

As much as eating a big meal is important, it is also important to eat frequently like in every 2.5-3 hours you should eat something as if your body starves, it takes energy from muscle mass. Make sure you eat some amount of protein in every diet.

Love Water

Water is a necessity as you are on your high protein diet. It keeps you hydrated and helps in removing the toxic substances from your body. If not hydrated properly workout can lead to bad cramps.

Use the Best Mass Gainer for Skinny Guys

As much as food is needed, weight gain shakes also become a need while you are in the process of gaining muscle mass. Shakes include calories and protein in a higher amount which gives more energy to your body and help to work harder. Also, you can use the best mass gainer for skinny guys available in the market.

Weigh Everyday

Tips are important to keep in mind but having inner satisfaction is a must. While you are working every day and night hard to achieve muscle mass, it’s equally essential to keep a record of this. Seeing the improvement helps in building confidence and efforts get harder.

So overall, concluding all the tips, the most important part is Protein as it considers as the building block. Proper workout plan with proper diet can definitely help in increasing the muscle mass. Following some of the points can help in achieving the results faster.

For proper and timely growth, one should consider taking help of a professional for supplements intake and weight training.

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