Best Protein Powder for Weight Gain of 2021

Best Protein Powder for Weight Gain Review

In this world full of social media hype and Instagrammable images, looking good has become indispensability and everyone should look their best, no matter what. The first step towards looking good is improving the body shape, which is either possible with the help of gaining or shedding weight.

Many people think that gaining weight is easy while losing is difficult, but they are wrong. For much gaining weight is as hard as losing it. Generally, people with weight gaining goals don’t know what to consume or what to leave. The best thing they can add to their body is the best protein powder for weight gain, which fuels the growth in the body and pushes the muscles to grow.

Here are some best proteins for bulking you should have a look upon.

Top 3 Protein Powder for Weight Gain Comparison Chart

best protein powder for weight gain
MuscleTech CellTech Creatine Powder
A single serving of this best mass gainer protein is rich in 2 grams of BCCA, 10 grams of protein, and 75 grams of carbs in the right proportion.
best mass gainer protein
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
ON serious mass is a calorie booster with 1,270 calories in a serving. Plus the product has nutrients and minerals for better recovery and muscle gains.
best protein powder to gain weight
MuscleTech Myobuild BCAA Amino Acids Supplement
This product of 36 servings can enhance your endurance. It comes in a great flavor option and supports muscle gains while terminating muscle loss.

Protein Powder for Weight Gain Reviews

Here are the complete reviews of the best protein powders available in 2019.

1. MuscleTech CellTech Creatine Powder

Muscle Tech creatine powder has been selling like hotcakes since its introduction. It is an essential product for the athletes who are looking to put on muscle gains without getting fat.

Product Highlights

We all know that Muscle Tech is a renowned brand when it comes to manufacturing high-quality bodybuilding supplements and this product is no exception. CellTech creatine powder contains the formulation to help muscles grow at a faster rate.

A single serving of this product contains 75 grams of carbs, 10 grams of creatine, and 2 grams of BCCA (branch chain amino acids). This product has been clinically tested and is safe for consumption.

There are multiple flavor options available which are appreciable. The manufacturer claims that it can help the bodybuilder to approximately gain 3.4 lbs of muscle within a timeframe of 7 days if used appropriately.

What Do We like About MuscleTech CellTech Creatine Powder?

We like the consistency of multiple beneficial elements like BCCA, pure form of creatine, and controlled carbs.

What We Don’t Like About MuscleTech CellTech Creatine Powder?

This product contains 16 grams of sugar, which is not a great thing.

  • Promises faster muscle growth
  • Contains certified ingredients
  • Improves recovery time
  • Contains dietary elements which can be allergic for some
  • The scoop size is huge

2. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a true friend for those who need some serious weight gaining effectively and efficiently.

Product Highlights

ON Serious Mass is a calorie booster supplement that contains a massive amount of 1,250 calories in a single serving (2 scoops). Every serving of this weight gainer is loaded with tons of essential elements that are needed for faster and better results.

While gulping a serving, the athlete will get 50 grams of pure protein, nearly 250 grams of carbs, 25 minerals and vitamins along with traces of glutamine and creatine.

These ingredients make it a better choice which is backed up by the age-old experience of Optimum Nutrition. The consumer can also mix-up this protein powder with some fruits to make rich and delicious smoothies.

What Do We like About Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass?

We like the ratio of ingredients and higher calories which provide enough fuel to perform rigorous exercises.

What We Don’t Like About Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass?

We don’t like the packaging. It comes in an air-tight packaging form which can get puncture easily.

Best Mass Gainer Protein

  • Contains essential minerals and multivitamins
  • Higher dose of calories
  • Has creatine and glutamine
  • Packaging is poor
  • Contains lecithin

3. MuscleTech Myobuild BCAA Amino Acids Supplement

The weight gain supplement that can benefit you in multiple ways is MuscleTech Myobuild. There are multiple ingredients that are beneficial for the achievement of a leaner and muscle rich body.

Product Highlights

MuscleTech Myobuild contains 4 grams of L-leucine in a serving (2 scoops). This leucine element can boost your workout performance at a rapid pace. Also, a single serving is loaded with 2 grams of taurine, which when coupled with the body delivers great endurance.

The manufacturer says that MuscleTech Myobuild contains a free form of amino acids that are helpful for muscle growth and its development. Also, the product has ingredients like beating whose consistency is 2.5 grams in a serving.

The overall ratio of this body building supplement is nearly 4:1:1 of BCCA. MuscleTech Myobuild replenishes the electrolytes to make your body a powerhouse with higher metabolism and enhanced performance.

What Do We like About MuscleTech Myobuild?

We like the robust packaging, and the ingredients contained in this protein powder. This product is recognized for its high strength capabilities which are required to put on huge muscles.

What We Don’t Like MuscleTech Myobuild?

There are no multiple flavor options. You need to settle down with fruit punch blast as it is the only option available.

  • Contains taurine and l-leucine for better endurance
  • Electrolyte replenish formula
  • Comes in a sturdy and portable packaging
  • No flavor options
  • No quicker results

Final Verdict

Having the best protein powder for weight gain is just like having a magical stick. You can transform your body completely while getting big, not fat. Always make sure that you select the best product which is suitable for your body.

If possible print the ingredient list of the best mass gainer protein and discuss it with your physician who knows your body better.

The best option you can go with is ON Serious Mass, as it contains minerals and multivitamins too. Else buying MuscleTech Myobuild is also a great option if you need better endurance and muscle development.

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